Superbook Event: SARAJEVO, Operation Mobilization



On this occasion, Gizmo was invited to visit OM (Operation Mobilization) Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, Ilidža. There, we were greeted by leaders and young volunteers from different countries who, through the activities of this organization, serve the local people by showing them the love of God, and also by founding and supporting and empowering local churches by bringing a message of hope to all people.

The advertisement was placed outside the premises, the doors were wide open and slowly the children began to gather, along with their parents. Soon the space became full and the program began with our traditional game of “Super Bowl”, to which the children were happy to respond. Winner Award – The Gismo T-shirt cheered the winner, with chocolates comforting the second and third place. Of course, we didn’t miss the dance at the end with Gizmo because the choreography on his favorite song isn’t really hard to learn.

We screened the episode from the second season – The Prodigal Son, which uses a parable from the Bible to teach children valuable lessons about the power of forgiveness and the true love of a father.

After the screening, we mingled at a cosy party with popcorn, sweets and juices, while the children (and some adults too) cheerfully roamed around Gizmo and waited their turn to take pictures. It was certainly a nice experience to meet new people from this Sarajevo neighborhood.

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