Superbook Event: Champs Camp Jarun


June 18, 2019 – Champs Camp Jarun

The Superbook and Gizmo went for a visit! We were welcomed by friends from the Zagreb Bible Institute who organized a summer camp for children from 6-12 years old on Jarun lake, called Champs Camp, in cooperation with a team of volunteers from the USA. The program included inspiring Bible stories, sketches, games, creative activities and songs.

The first day in the shade of the Aquarius Club featured an episode of David and Goliath, with the intention of introducing children to values ​​such as courage and facing their own struggles in life. The kids watched the episode closely and calmly, and in the end, a surprise followed – a special guest everyone had been waiting for, Gizmo! He peered behind the wall and the children’s eyes widened in surprise! With his appearance, Gizmo caused joy and applause because some saw him for the first time. Of course, it was obligatory to dance to the “Song of salvation” which is Gizmo’s favorite. First bashfully, but soon everyone was dancing, including the bigger kids. In the end, all the children had the opportunity to take pictures with Gizmo, as a group and individually, so there were lots of selfies. Many wanted to touch him, hug him, even pound on his armor, which he did not like. But the kids are curious, and Gizmo understands that.

The next day, we gathered in the shade of a large tree under a tent and played our traditional game of SuperCup. The winner received a Gizmo T-shirt for the prize. Then we watched the episode Ten Commandments. It talks about the rules and how they are there to protect us and help us, not to make our lives less fun. The children also learned about this topic through other activities, and after watching the episode, Gizmo joined us to dance with the children. After that, he said goodbye to everyone, waved at them and went off to a new adventure.

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