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Superbook Academy is a program for lower-grade school children based on cartoon episodes. It is intended to help with the work with children, whether it be religious instruction, a Sunday school, a children’s club, a holiday program or other events.

Through the cartoon-based Superbook Aademy program, children will get to know the entire Bible in their approach, understandable and engaging way.

Each lesson focuses on one biblical story that is presented to children through a Superbook cartoon and various other video materials and follows three lessons based on that story.

Through all three lessons, we help children identify Bible principles in the story and apply them to everyday life. An integral part of any teaching are creative games, activities, dance and song.

The Superbook Academy revives Bible stories and teaches children Bible principles!

Learn about slings with Goliath.


Let us know if you would like more information on how to organize your SuperBooks camp and go through a Bible adventure with Luke, El and Giz.


Join John the Baptist in fun camp activities.


In addition to the application, there is a website www.superbook.tv which is also interactive content and is currently available in English only.

On superboook.tv you can find interesting and educational games that are thematically related to episodes of the Superbook.

So after the episode “Miracles of Jesus” children can play the game “Fish and Bread” and thus the message of the episode can remain in their memory in an interesting way. In one of the games they can help David defend the sheep from the lions, while in the other they can see the riches of the Garden of Eden and connect with Eve the pairs of animals that lived in it.

Visit www.superbook.tv and play with Superbook characters!

If you lose the game, don’t be angry like Pharaoh


The first Superbook Club opened its doors in 1996 in Kiev, Ukraine. It was the answer to the many prayers of TV viewers who watched the classic Superbook episodes. Today, more than 300 clubs are open in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Their work is based on a special curriculum that is also used to work with children in Sunday school / religious education, children’s homes and summer camps.

Superbook Club is a fun, interesting and exciting place for children ages 5-14.

At the Superbook Club, children can find new friends, develop their creativity and discover more about God, and build their character and mindset on biblical values.

The best investment in the next generation is to introduce children to the Bible!

Let us know for more information on how to start a Superbook Club in your city!


Esther is run by the SuperBooks Club!


This free iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Kids app is is currently available in English only under the name “Superbook”.

Application is a rich media experience that will help revive the Bible through episodes, various video clips, information and interactive games.

In Superbook application, children can receive biblical answers to the questions that matter – questions about life, Jesus, and the Bible. For those who want to get to know specific biblical characters, events, and artifacts in more detail, the app also offers this opportunity.

Jonah likes to use modern technology so he has applications on his cellphone.


Superbook team led by Gizmo have visited cities all over Croatia and headed to neighboring BiH. How fun it was, you can see for yourself if you take a peek at the News section.

Superbook event helps children get closer to Bible themes through a fun and dynamic interaction with them. The program we offer includes one (Easter, Christmas, or other by choice) episode of half an hour, one to two games, a dance and a song with Robot Gizmo, a life-size mascot. The arrival of Gizmo, the main character of Superbook, is always a great joy for the children who can take a photo with him at the end of the program.

Gizmo loves to travel and can’t wait for the guest invite!

Let us know and our Superbook team will help you organize an unforgettable event for kids!

Peter will help us organize the SuperBook event.