Superbook Event: JARUNFEST 2019.



This year, once again, the Superbook and Gizmo were guests at Jarunfest Festival in Zagreb. This is an event organized by the “Church of the Comprehensive Gospel” from Zagreb for children and families at a beautiful location of Jarun Lake. This is the 10th year in a row that this event is organized, and it is always fun for all generations. They set the stage in the thick shade under the trees and on it our Vanja introduced the Superbook, said a few sentences on what the Superbook talks about through its episodes, and then invited children to play the game. This is our already traditional game at every event – “SuperCup”. The game goes like this: three volunteers are selected to compete in stacking the cups on top of each other, one by one, the fastest they can. The winner gets the prize, but so do all the participants. Children are happy to come forward to play and the cheerleading is very dynamic. The main prize that everyone wishes for is a Gizmo T-shirt and the winner wears it with a big smile on his face. This year all three places won T-shirts, coloring books and chocolates. After that, Gizmo appears, but the kids have to call him out loud because he comes from afar away. Together with the children, they dance on the song of salvation, and then the children surround him because they want to take pictures with him, which he always gladly does. As he was leaving, Gizmo walked through the camp to greet all the children and parents. The event also provided a tent with a large TV playing Superbook cartoons for kids to take a little break in the shade from the heat of the day, and we also distributed Superbook balloons.


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