Superbook Event: SARAJEVO, Katolički srednjoškolski centar


April 16, 2019 – SARAJEVO, St. Joseph Catholic School Center

Gizmo loves being on tour! He likes to travel to different cities, different countries. He likes to visit friends and neighbors, so he decided to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was invited to the premiere of the Superbook in Sarajevo. Our hosts were the principal and teachers from the St. Joseph Catholic School Center who treated us very nicely.

About 400 students in grades 1 through 5 gathered in the school’s cinema hall as part of the school’s Easter program. The atmosphere was great! The loud voices of excited children filled the hall until we were silenced and watched the cartoon. Afterwards, Gizmo appeared on stage. He caused excitement, and he was excited himself to see how many children were in the hall! Somehow, it always happens that he never arrives on time for his favorite “Song of Salvation” because of his travel times. He asked the children to sing and dance together. They were happy to respond, so after a brief introduction to the steps, they skillfully danced the whole song. Gizmo also always joins them in this.

After the program, classes took turns onstage, capturing these cheerful moments of meeting Gizmo through photographs and their selfies. Balloons were flying all around, and the cheerful photos would remain forever in Gizmo’s album.

And since Gizmo likes to get to know the town he came to, we had to take him for a walk through Baščaršija, smell the kababs, chase pigeons from Sebilj, look at Miljacka and the City Hall, and of course, like any football fan, visit Željo stadion (NK Željezničar Sarajevo). Unfortunately, he did not meet any of the players, but very friendly staff introduced us to the stadium, talked to us and took memorable photos.

Until next time, dear Sarajevo!

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