Superbook Event: JARUNFEST 2018.



Organized by the Church of the Full Gospel from Zagreb and sponsored by the City of Zagreb, another family festival was organized at lake Jarun in Zagreb – Jarunfest. There was something for everyone: concerts, plays, speeches and guests, dancing, hamburgers, inflatable castles and much more. Among other things, the Superbook has appeared for the first time at an event like this in Zagreb. We called in all our friends and the fun started!

On the big stage, we introduced the Superbook project and told the story of what country Gizmo came from, when he first appeared, what Superbook was really about, what are the topics of the episode, where the cartoon can be seen. Of course, there were also games for children, competitions actually, because who wouldn’t get involved if it wasn’t for the prize! In the nearby tent, for everyone interested, the episode of Season 1 of the Superbook was being screened on the big TV, and anyone who wanted could paint the Superbook coloring book. Also available to the cheerful little ones were red Superbook balloons with the shadow of Gizmo, without which we would go nowhere.

The greatest excitement was caused by the appearance of Gizmo and a dance to the “Song of Salvation”. The steps were shown to the children by our faithful volunteers, who were also children. A photo shoot followed right after because everyone wanted the proof of indeed meeting their favorite cartoon character. Gizmo never minds doing that.

After spending hours with the kids, Gizmo had to go to slightly cooler areas because the heat of the warm Zagreb day had exhausted him.

Until next year Gizmo!

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