Superbook Event: Supervision



Tuesday, May 12, was a big day for the Superbook because we had another LIVE of us with an interesting name Supervision. Gizmo decided to greet all the Superbook lovers who follow him on social networks, but also to reward some of them. However, for the prizes, it took a little effort and a little learning through a two-week gathering on the topic of 10 virtues of Superbook lovers. We know that learning is always fun with Gizmo, and interesting and creative tasks were available to our Superbook lovers on social networks.

The first task was to make stones – each virtues had to be written, colored, drawn on stone, one or more of them and finally combined into one creative work and sent to Superbook Facebook or Instagram. In this task as well, Gizmo challenged the creativity of his little friends, although there is no doubt that everyone is creative. The second task was the GIZ QUIZ where Superbook lovers were to show what they had learned about the Bible from the episodes watched. But, as there was no crowd in Gizmo’s mailbox, he generously decided to reward everyone who was creative and did their best.

So we had the opportunity to call our Superbook lovers in Macedonia, Serbia and B&H and talk to Nikola, Mihajlo, Dino and Ella about how they were in isolation, what is their favorite episode and of course a virtues of the 10 we studied. Croatia was represented by Gizmo. He shared with his friends that he liked Esther the most because she was brave. Gizmo knows that this is a virtue he needs to work on a bit. 🙂

Gizmo liked the camera, so he decided to call Superbook lovers LIVE more often!

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