Superbook Event: Gizmo cheered the little Roma Kids


29.6.2020. – Distribution of food packages, Zagreb – Savica Šanci

The pandemic over COVID-19 has also caused an economic crisis around the world. Unfortunately, it has affected many in Croatia as well, especially those who are already in a difficult situation and poor.

The Gizmo and Superknjiga team had the opportunity to be part of Operation Blessing humanitarian aid to Roma living in Savica Šanci.

After the packages of food and hygiene supplies were distributed to the families, a Superbook event was organized to cheer up the youngest ones. After getting to know each other and playing a few games, the children watched one episode of the Superbook outdoors.

But the highlight of the event was the arrival of Gizmo. Excitement, squeals and shouts echoed throughout the neighborhood. Every child wanted to touch our Gizmo, and he enjoyed the happy faces of the children.

The visit of Gizmo and the Superbook team cannot pass without the Song of Salvation and the already known choreography. Everyone started singing and dancing, and after the dance Gizmo said goodbye to the little ones and promised to come again.

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