Superbook Event: DUBROVNIK


April 19, 2019 – DUBROVNIK

How can Gizmo not visit Dubrovnik ?! Beautiful Croatian town, historical and tourist spot famous all over the world. A must see destination!

We received an invitation from the Word of Life Association, which organized the event called “Festival of Life” from April 18-21, 2019. The festival had a humanitarian nature, to help the Schwartz family whose daughter Ivana is suffering from cerebral paralysis and the funds raised were meant to paid for the costs of her treatment which are very high. The festival was held in a park in Pile, under the walls of the old town of Dubrovnik. The program was diverse, from plays, movies, concerts to Easter Mass on Sunday. The Superbook was part of the program.

And so, a group of 40 preschoolers gathered in front of a big TV screen ready to watch the episode “Lost Son.” The popcorn was ready, the cotton candy was being prepared, the balloons were waiting on the side, so the program began. We couldn’t begin without our SuperCup game! Many children raised their hand and wanted to play, but we only had to pick three. The fastest player also received a Gizmo T-shirt as a prize, while others received chocolates and Superbook balloons. There is no greater happiness than seeing the smile on the winner’s face wearing his/her Superbook T-shirt. 😊

After watching the cartoon, we continued to socialize with popcorn and balloon distribution, as well as  taking pictures with Gizmo. Kindergarten groups took pictures together, and there were also a few little passers-by who didn’t miss the chance to take a picture with Gizmo. After all, Gizmo is in Dubrovnik for the first time!

Before continuing his journey, Gizmo took time to walk on the city walls, take pictures on Stradun and enjoy the beautiful view of Dubrovnik from Srđ.

Giiiz, what a wonderful day!

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