Superbook Event: 10 virtues


May 10, 2020 – ZAGREB, 10 VIRTUES of Superbooklovers

Although there was no school or kindergarten at the time of the isolation, Gizmo and friends learned and practiced through social media. And that’s not anything! We set ourselves a rather difficult but commendable task to become better Superbooklovers and better people. From April 27th to May 8th, we have overcomed 10 virtues that should adorn every Superbooklover. Together with Gizmo, Ella and Luka, through cartoons, tasks, conversations, games, we practiced every day and learned about another good virtue.

The first virtue we started with was COURAGE, and we learned about it in the episode about David and Goliath. David trusted God for courage and protection in every trouble and problem. And that is why God has given him, as he can give us today, courage instead of fear when we trust in him.
The other virtue we adopted was HONESTY which we learned through the episode “ROAR!”. Being honest means not cheating, lying and always doing what we know to be true and right.
The third virtue that should adorn every Superbooklover is OBEDIENCE. Gizmo and Superbooklovers learned that rules exist to help and protect us, not to make our lives less fun!
Willingness to ACCEPT is the next virtue. Sometimes it can happen that we have a decision to accept everyone, no matter how different, but only when we find ourselves in a situation to show it in front of everyone, it becomes clear how easy or difficult it is and how serious we are. We learned acceptance along with Ella in the episode “Esther”.
The big and by no means easy virtue we met through the episode about The Prodigal Son is FORGIVENESS. When someone hurts us, does something bad to us or says ugly words to us – we would rather give back to him in the same measure because we are angry and hurt. But what follows after that? Bad relationship or breakup. It would be best to take a deep breath, count to 10 in yourself and then forgive from the heart, not retaliating with the same measure.
It is very important to have a trusted person in your life, who loves us and wants only the best for us. And that is why TRUST was our seventh virtue. For us, it should be parents, friends who love us, the extended family, but also God. God has a plan for you, even if you don’t see that plan!

A big challenge for all of us was PERSISTENCE which means focusing on some goal and mission, regardless of fears, circumstances or obstacles. A biblical example of persistence was the episode about Paul and his journey to Rome.
Another virtue of every Superbooklover should be a willingness to COOPERATE. Through Ellla’s example we learn that people can change and that those who have been opponents can become collaborators who will work together for the greater good.
In the episode about John the Baptist, Luke taught, and so did we with him, about SINCERITY, our ninth virtue. We have seen what it means to live sincerly and direct others to be more like Jesus.
The last in our series of virtues that every Superbooklover should have was the readiness to HELP. In our environment we can certainly notice children who are weaker than us, who need to be protected from those who mock or speak ugly to them, who need help in something that is weaker for them or they are poor. If they want to leave a good mark in people’s lives, Superbooklovers need this quality.

Richer for the ten qualities we met and practiced together, we were willing to slowly emerge from isolation and show friends what we had adopted.

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